The Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade’s MARCH for Small Business

For nearly 25 years the RVC community has supported the Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade. This year, it’s OUR turn to support the local business community! 

For the entire month of MARCH, "The Parade that Cares and Shares" is taking a page from the Barstool Fund’s playbook (the one that’s raised millions this past year for small businesses nationwide). We're bringing that idea home - right to our local community - through the launch of the Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade MARCH for Small Business! 

We invite you to MARCH with us toward our goal of $25K. All proceeds will go to some of our local RVC small businesses, and several individual employees who help keep our RVC businesses running!

How can you help? Just click that Donate button on the side of this screen and make your tax-deductible donation today!  You’ll be joining us as we MARCH – together – to support our RVC small business community!!

Applications are being accepted for the following categories: 

· RVC Small Business Support Funds – 3 RVC small business awardees will receive up to $5,000 each 
· RVC Small Business Employee Funds – 10 RVC small business employees will receive up to $1,000 each 

CLICK HERE for Application details. The deadline for application submissions is March 12th 2021