The Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade’s MARCH for Small Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I nominate someone for the Small Business Employee funds?
A: YES! We strongly encourage employers, or business patrons, to nominate any employee who could benefit from these funds!! [Note: the small business funds must be applied for by the business owner(s)]

Q: Do I have to live in RVC to be eligible for either of these funding opportunities?
A: No, you just have to own or work in one of the small businesses in Rockville Centre, NY.

Q: How will the fund awardees be determined?
A: All applications must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday, March 12th, 2021 in order to be considered for funding. Completed applications will then be reviewed by an independent panel of 5 members from various RVC organizations. The timing of the award announcements will be dependent on how quickly – and how much – money is raised from the community.

Q: If you raise more than $25,000 will you issue additional awards?
A: ABSOLUTELY. (And just between us, we REALLY hope that happens!!!

Q: What if you don’t reach the $25K goal?
A: We remain committed to issuing at least 13 funding awards – 3 for local RVC businesses and 10 for RVC business employees. We will issue those awards proportionally, based on the amount of funds received.

Q: Are you affiliated with the Barstool Fund (
A: No. While we are tremendously grateful to Barstool Sports for what they’ve done for small businesses nationally over this past year – and we strongly credit them for giving us the idea to emulate their efforts on a much smaller, local community level – The Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade MARCH for Small Business is solely the initiative of the Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Parade – The Parade that Cares and Shares®.

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CLICK HERE for Application details. The deadline for application submissions is March 12th 2021